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Given the current situation, all industries including music have suffered a great blow. Big companies and labels are making big changes and looking for alternatives to survive.

We are group of producers, labels and promoters that belive that is the opportunity to build a sustainable carrer through subscriptions.  The people who support us, whether they are family, friends or fans, want to know or have everything we create and produce. They don't want to miss any of our posts but they don't want to be paying every time we post something new. It's about preserving the integrity of our work and providing flexibility for our followers.

As a Producer will have the opportunity to apply to the label that covers the highest percentage of their needs through a subscription.

As a Label,  will be able to monetize through artists, allowing them to subscribe to Label benefits . As Label they can also apply to Promoters that allow them to carry out their events with the greatest possible benefit.

The Promoters will be able to generate income and develop their strategies through a subscription service to labels and artists, who will receive a change in the benefits that the promoter provides.

STMUL8 is already home to some of the most relevant labels and artists in the underground scene. We are still a young project but we intend to form an empire of talent. Join us and be part of our story.

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